Our Process:  

1. Establish a Client-Advisor Relationship
We define both your goals and our responsibilities. We work with you based on how you prefer to work. Do you like a very hands-on approach or more of the Do it Yourself?  Together we'll construct an agreement to our professional relationship, that fits your style.
2. We Launch Your Personal Financial Website 
Advanced Planning solutions are where the comprehensive nature of eMoney and the knowledge of a financial planning specialist -- Shines.   The more you integrate with eMoney, the more precise our plan of your future will be. 
We begin by emailing you a link to go over a secure two step authentication to open your account.   We then schedule your first onboard meeting to help you get acquainted with your simple to use Personal Financial Website.   eMoney is a secure financial portal that you share only what you want us to see.  Some people upload their most important documents to their gated vault.  Thus making their financial universe always available to them at any time and on any device. 
*eMoney is Not a prerequisite to work with us, but it can facilitate your plan.  Invite your most important decision-makers like your CPA, Attorney or any other family members to join your Holistic Financial Planning team.  eMoney consolidates your accounts and is non transactional.  It's designed with security in mind and money cannot be moved around.
3. The Evaluation, Recommendations and Advisement of Your Financial Plan
Once we have analyzed your situation, we'll provide you with our advice — a review of current cash flow, retirement, risk management, estate planning and critical tax planning are just a few of the areas we'll address.
When aiming for long-term goals it's the little steps you take today that matter.
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